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    Equipment consulting

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      The original intention of the new space agency is very simple, there are many scenic spots due to inadequate domestic season reception capacity, appear lodging demand, low service quality situation, can not meet both the needs of tourists, but also the loss of considerable revenue. In this context, a new collaboration with the French space agency timely military tent manufacturer, supply products to authorized bubble off the Chinese mainland, in the season for the resort to provide efficient, high-quality, gainful stay mobile solutions.


      Bubble is a high-end customer experience, holiday packages, mobile version of the wild extravagance tent. Asset bubble off with a light, the experience is good, convenient transportation characteristics, mobile bathroom, heating equipment, water power generation, home appliances, and other supporting facilities, it is possible to build a mini-camp resort.

      Bubble-off is the new space agency scenic season stay mobile solutions.

    Market demand exists

      Contradiction reception capacity and number of scenic reception; scenic resort accommodation and the pace of development is difficult to coordinate.

    We create supply

      The most mature resorts in the season; to provide efficient, high-quality, gainful accommodation solutions.


    Service Output Mode

    Resorts brand to introduce bubbles off, buy bubble passenger camp; new spatial output service hotel operations.


    Site leasing model

    Resorts brand to introduce bubbles off, providing passengers bubble camp site; the new space to operate independently bubble off camp.


    Investors Mode

    Resorts depth cooperation with the new space.

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