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    We are just an ordinary farmer

    Trying to use a seed

    Grandparents try to change place to live


    Gonggeng in fertile Tianchou

    Walking in the wilderness of the soul

    Harvesting the fragrance of the soil

    Because here

    The farmer who owned the most beautiful dream


    Travel deep rooted future

     New Space (China) - Chinese tourism development of integrated solutions


      The new space was founded in 2002 and headquartered in the national center of the city - Guangzhou, the new space is composed of experts in related fields (China) Tourism Planning and Design Institute Academic Committee as the core and into academic, pro-market and Shi Zhanpai expertise in one , set the preliminary investigation and the concept of planning, medium-term planning, post-implementation operations in one, through international vision and local culture combine to become active in the domestic market in recent years, the mainstream of professional organizations, business has expanded nationwide, for the government, business , industry, academia and research community to provide a wide range of exchanges and cooperation platform, is China's tourism development areas comprehensive, multi-specialty, interdisciplinary full service team, the State Tourism Administration issued travel planning and design qualification.


      The new space agency's new space (China) Tourism Planning and Design Institute, Guangdong new space tourism planning Ltd., Guangdong new space Landscape Co., Ltd., Guangdong recreation space planning and design engineering Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Investment Management Limited new space, wide US new space Decorative Art Ltd, a member covering tourism management, marketing, real estate, investment management, hotel management, technical and economic, leisure, architecture, planning, landscape, landscape, environmental art, fine art, graphic design, performing arts planning, multimedia , animation, curatorial and cultural heritage, history, geography, ecology, environmental protection, transportation, water supply and drainage, electrical power and other professional fields, can fully guarantee complete quality planning results in a multi-disciplinary cooperation background for tourism design and construction, management and operation, investment, marketing and other areas to promote the development of the latter part of the provision of professional services.


      The introduction of new international leader in space planning concepts, exposure to the forefront of China's tourism development, based on local tourism and cultural excavation, roots tourism planning and design industry, with customers harvest, has successfully completed hundreds of various types of cases. From a macro study to the concept of planning, to micro design, to detail the implementation of the new space to provide customers with a full range of fine integrated solutions and the whole process of technical support services, carefully protected every tourism project from scratch, thrive growing up.


    LOGO new interpretation of space unique corporate culture -

    Brilliantly sharp pursue open perspective

    Founder stick to the bottom line of the balance of the professional

    Ideological agitation harmony all over the world

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